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Courtallam is a Spa of South India. Wonderful waterfalls that you can enjoy with Family and friends. You can spend hours and hours under the water fall and its so refreshing. You can easily accessible from the main town. Also Dress changing rooms available here. Best time to visit (to avoid crowd – Early morning (5:30 – 8AM) or late night (open till 11pm). Saturday and Sunday will be heavy crowd.

The water fall come through many medical trees and plant. It make our mind and health so grateful.

Courtallam is not just waterfalls,its temples too attract visitors.It was indeed worth a penny visiting there. The three major waterfalls reachable by road are the Main Falls, Five Falls, and Old Courtallam Falls. Other waterfalls like Shenbaga Devi Falls and Honey Falls are reachable only by trekking on the mountain.

There is separate area for ladies and gents though kids are allowed in both. The two falls on the left are for ladies and the remaining three for men. Usage of soap, oil, shampoo etc are strictly prohibited and the police are very vigilant and will escort you out immediately. The place was over-run by devotees going to Sabarimala. The Main Falls is one long cascade and there is no separate areas for men and ladies.


In Chitraruvi
At Shenbagadevi falls
Thenaruvi (Honey falls)
Pazhathotta Aruvi. The ‘VIP falls’. Only VIP’s are allowed in Pazhathotta Aruvi.
Pazhaya Courtalla Aruvi
Artificial Puli Aruvi (Tiger Falls)

Due to many falls Courtallam is called Spa of South India


The season begins from June of every year till September. The South West Monsoon brings in the cold breeze with mild temperature. From October to December North East Monsoon sets over in Tamil Nadu and the climate is cold and the rains are very heavy sometimes. Sometimes the falls get flooded and people are not allowed to take bath during floods.

The best time to visit Courtallam is between July and September. There are many waterfalls in and around Coutrallam.


The closest town to Courtallam is Tenkasi at 5 km (3.1 mi).
The closest airport is Tuticorin Airport and Trivandrum International Airport.
The nearest railway station is at Tenkasi, 5 km (3.1 mi) away.
Courtallam is mainly connected by bus transport to the two main cities of Tenkasi and Shenkottai.


Peraruvi (main falls) the biggest falls in Courtallam, is about 60m high. The flow of water is interrupted by the Pongumakadal, a 19m deep crater and comes down with greatly reduced impact, making a bath safe.

In Chitraruvi (small falls), the flow is thin. Here naturally separate places for men and women are there to bathe.

At Shenbagadevi falls, the water flows through shenbaga (Michaelia champak) trees. There is also a temple there, dedicated to Shenbagadevi Amman. Shenbagadevi leads to Chitraruvi.

About 3 km from this is Thenaruvi (honey falls), 40m high and cascading between two large stones. In places where there is no water, one can see big honeycombs. Thenaruvi is very dangerous and it is restricted for public. But it is very common to see people visiting and bathing in Thenaruvi.

Aintharuvi (five falls) which has five separate cascades of water form this waterfalls.

From the orchard above flows Pazhathotta Aruvi, the ‘VIP falls’. Only VIP’s are allowed in Pazhathotta Aruvi.

The Pazhaya Courtalla Aruvi (Old Courtallam falls) used to fall into a valley from between two rocks. The valley was closed and the rocks were broken to change the course of water and make bathing easier. It was reopened later.

The artificial Puli Aruvi (Tiger Falls) has a moderate flow of water which collects in a lake and is diverted for irrigation, sometimes tigers visit this place for water.

There is another small falls inside the Government Horticulture Park above Five Falls, but it is off limits to the public.

Places to visit in Courtallam

Therkumalai Estate can be reached from Honey falls in 1 hour, which is roughly at 2000 ft altitude.
Boat Houses near the Five Falls and Old Courtallam Falls.
Snake Park nears to the Main Falls.
Aquarium near the Main Falls.
Children’s Park.
Eco Park near Five falls.
Gundar Dam near Shencottah


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