Best places to Visit Agartala West Tripura 2024

Tripura, a charming and diverse state in India, boasts stunning vistas and vibrant cultures, with West Tripura being one of the most appealing tourism destinations.

1. Udaipur: Udaipur is a tiny town in Tripura's south-western region. It is well-known for its stunning scenery, which includes verdant hills, lush green forests, and crystal clear lakes. Visitors can also visit the Udaipur Palace, a stunning monument dating back to the 16th century.

2. Neermahal: Neermahal is located on Lake Rudrasagar, one of the state's major lakes. Tourists can take a boat ride on the lake and tour the palace, which was erected in 1930 by Maharaja Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya.

3. Amarpur: Amarpur is a lovely town in Tripura's south-eastern region. It is a popular tourist site for those interested in learning about the local culture and history. Visitors may see the Amarpur Palace and the Amarpur Rajbari, which are both beautiful monuments.

4. Sabroom: Sabroom is a small town in Tripura's south-eastern region. It is well-known for its wildlife refuges and national parks, which are home to a wide range of animals and birds. Visitors can also enjoy some sun and sand at the picturesque Sabroom Beach.

5. Matabari: Matabari is a scenic hill station in Tripura's south-western region. It is well-known for its lush green trees and panoramic views of the neighbouring hills. The Matabari Temple, dedicated to Goddess Tripura Sundari, can be visited here.

6. Dharmanagar: Dharmanagar is a small town in Tripura's north-eastern region. It is well-known for its religious sites, including as the Dharmanagar Fort and the Durga Temple, both of which are major tourist destinations.

7. Kailashahar: Kailashahar is a scenic town in Tripura's north-eastern region. It is home to many temples and monasteries, notably the Kailashahar Temple and Monastery. Tourists can learn about the local culture and history here.

8. Jampui Hill: Jampui Hill is a beautiful hill station in Tripura's north-eastern region. It's famous for its lush green trees and stunning vistas of the neighbouring hills. Visitors can engage in a range of activities, including trekking and camping.

9. Agartala: Agartala is the capital of Tripura and one of the state's most famous tourist spots. Visitors can visit the Ujjayanta Palace and the Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary, both of which are breathtaking.

10. Unakoti: Unakoti is a small village in Tripura's north-eastern region. It is well-known for its stunning rock sculptures and ancient temples, both of which are major tourist destinations.

Top ten West Tripura tourism destinations include breathtaking hills, lakes, temples, and monasteries, making them a must-visit for any trip to India.

West Tripura is best visited in the summer.

West Tripura is best visited between October and March. The weather is lovely and temperate, making this a great time to experience the beauties of West Tripura. Temperatures range from 15 to 25 degrees Celsius during these months, making them ideal for sightseeing and other outdoor activities. The months of October and November are often the warmest, making them perfect for those wishing to explore the region.

West Tripura Directions

West Tripura is a district in Tripura, India. The nearest airport is Agartala Airport, which is roughly 20 kilometres from the district. The nearest railway station is in Agartala, about 21 kilometres distant from West Tripura. From Agartala, the district is accessible by bus or cab.

West Tripura is well-known for its cuisine.

1. Doi Maach: A spicy fish curry prepared with yoghurt, ginger, and coriander, Doi Maach is a typical Bengali dish.

2. Bafla Curry: A spicy meat curry combined with potatoes and tomatoes, this is another traditional Bengali meal.

3. Samosa: A favourite snack in India, this deep-fried pastry is packed with potatoes, peas, and spices.

4. Kulfi: Made with condensed milk, this traditional Indian ice cream is sometimes flavoured with almonds and saffron.

5. Chingri Malai Curry: This creamy coconut-based curry with shrimp is a traditional Bengali meal.

6. Dhokla: A steaming snack prepared from split chickpeas that is typically eaten with chutney or yoghurt.

7. Biryani: This popular dish is composed with aromatic spices and basmati rice, and it can be served with veggies or meat.

8. Chholey: A popular street snack composed of chickpeas, tomatoes, and onions that is typically served with bhatura (deep-fried flatbread).

9. Roshogolla: A favourite treat in India, this delicious dessert is created with cheese and sugar syrup.

10. Payesh: A classic Bengali dessert made with milk and sugar that is frequently served with raisins and almonds.

West Tripura Activities and Sightseeing

* Ujjayanta Palace: The old royal palace of Tripura, Ujjayanta Palace, is located in the centre of Agartala and was built in 1901 by Maharaja Radha Kishore Manikya. The palace is now a museum highlighting Tripura's culture and traditions.

* Neermahal: Neermahal is a palace erected in 1930 by Maharaja Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya in the centre of Rudrasagar Lake. It is a breathtaking fusion of Hindu and Islam architecture.

* Tripura Sundari Temple: The Tripura Sundari Temple is in Udaipur, approximately 60 kilometres from Agartala. The temple is devoted to the goddess Tripura Sundari and is thought to be her residence.

* Jampui Hills: Jampui Hills is a hill station in Tripura's northwestern region, at an elevation of roughly 900 metres above sea level. It is famous for its spectacular views of the Himalayan peaks as well as its diverse flora and fauna.

* Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary: The Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary is around 25 kilometres from Agartala. Elephants, tigers, leopards, barking deer, and wild boar are among the animals that call it home.

* Unakoti: Unakoti is a one-of-a-kind rock-cut archaeological site in Tripura's Kailashahar area. It is thought to be about 1000 years old and is famous for its exquisite sculptures of gods and demons.

* Umananda Temple: Located on the tranquil Pechar Dwip island, Umananda Temple is a one-of-a-kind temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is regarded as one of Tripura's most sacred sanctuaries.

* Tripureshwari Temple: Tripureshwari Temple is a historic temple in Udaipur's Matabari district. It is named after Goddess Tripureshwari, who is thought to be an avatar of Goddess Kali.


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