Top Tourist Destinations in Hnahthial Mizoram (2024)

Hnahthial, a charming Mizoram town, is an excellent holiday destination in India known for its natural beauty, cultural attractions, and numerous activities.

1. Pukzing Cave: Pukzing Cave, Mizoram's largest 25 meters, is believed to be carved by a strongman and may contain a magical drum hidden by a mythical figure.

2. Luangmual Lake: This is a lovely lake in the midst of town. It's a wonderful location to unwind and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere.

3. Reiek Hill: Reiek Hill in Hnahthial, Mizoram, offers a breathtaking escape into nature with stunning vistas of valleys and hills. Trekkers can encounter diverse flora and fauna, and the hill's summit offers panoramic views and serene surroundings.

4. Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary: Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary, located in Mizoram's hills, offers hiking and wildlife viewing opportunities. From October to March, permits are required, and guests can stay in guesthouses near Lunglei town. However, preserving the sanctuary requires silence and trail usage.

5. Khawdungsei Bird Sanctuary: Khawdungsei Bird Sanctuary, bordering Bangladesh, houses over 200 bird species, including the Great Indian Hornbill, Red Junglefowl, Hoolock Gibbons, and Rhesus Macaques. Visitors must obtain permits from Mizoram's Forest Department, stay in guesthouses near villages, and respect the sanctuary's environment.

6) Dampa Tiger Reserve: Dampa Tiger Reserve in Mizoram offers unique wildlife viewing opportunities, including tigers, elephants, and leopards. Visitors can hike scenic trails or visit salt licks. Permits are required, and visitors should stay in nearby towns like Saiha.

7. Tuirial River: Take a boat ride along this river to discover the beauty and fauna that surrounds it.

8. Champhai: This little village on the Mizoram border is famed for its picturesque vistas of the surrounding hills.

9. Saiha: This small town on the Myanmar border is a great spot to learn about the culture and history of the region.

10. Phawngpui National Park: This is an excellent location for trekking and experiencing the area's diverse flora and animals.

Hnahthial is the best time to visit.

Hnahthial is best visited between October and March, when the weather is cool and pleasant. The temperature during this period averages from 15-20°C, making it ideal for touring and outdoor activities. The monsoon months of June to September produce significant rainfall, therefore it's advisable to avoid visiting during those months.

Hnahthial's contact information

Hnahthial is in the Indian state of Mizoram. It is located in the Kolasib district, about 83 kilometres from Aizawl, the state capital. The nearest airport is Lengpui Airport, which is around 66 kilometres away. The most direct route to Hnahthial is by car. Buses go frequently from adjacent towns and cities to Hnahthial. To go to the place, one can alternatively take a cab or a private vehicle.

Hnahthial is a well-known dish.

Hnahthial is a traditional Mizo dish from India's Mizoram region. Pork, potatoes, chiles, and a few more items are used to make it. The pork is braised in a spicy tomato sauce, while the potatoes are braised in a tamarind sauce. Typically, the meal is served with steamed rice. Hnahthial is a local favourite that is frequently offered on special occasions.

Hnahthial activities and sightseeing

* Trekking: Hnahthial has a number of trekking paths that allow tourists to experience the region's unique flora and fauna. The Mualpui Trek and the Hmuifang Trek are two popular treks.

* Birdwatching: Hnahthial is a birdwatcher's delight, with a diverse range of birds including parakeets, kingfishers, and bee-eaters.

* Village Tours: Enjoy a tour of the local villages to learn about the Mizo people's distinct culture and way of life.

* Rafting and Kayaking: For a more adventurous experience, enjoy the local rivers' rapids and waterfalls.

* Handicrafts: Purchase real Mizo handicrafts like as bamboo baskets, pottery, and hand-woven shawls at the local market.

* Pu Zoram National Park: A few kilometres away, the park is home to a variety of fauna and vegetation, as well as breathtaking vistas of the Aizawl valley.


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