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March is one of the most exciting months in India, as it heralds the advent of various festivals, with each one representing a particular culture and custom. From Holi to Ugadi and Navratri, India is gearing up to celebrate a slew of festivities in March that are guaranteed to bring joy and happiness. To help you make the most of your March celebrations, here is a list of the top 10 festivals in India that you should look out for this month!

1. Holi: One of India's most prominent festivals, Holi is celebrated with zest and enthusiasm throughout the country. It heralds the arrival of spring, and people take to the streets to sing and dance, as well as play with colours.

2. Hola Mohalla: It is held in Punjab to honour Guru Gobind Singh and his army's military prowess. People dress up as warriors and participate in fake battles and processions throughout this time.

3. Ugadi: The Hindu calendar's New Year, which is observed in various parts of the country. On this day, people frequently make special delicacies, exchange gifts, and greet one another.

4. Chithirai Thiruvizha: This is a well-known Tamil celebration that heralds the start of the Tamil New Year. It is celebrated with great pomp and gaiety, and people participate in a variety of rites and activities.

5. Rang Panchami: This is another renowned colour festival held throughout the country. They paint each other and have a great time celebrating the day.

6. Holika Dahan: This celebration commemorates the triumph of good over evil and is marked by the lighting of a bonfire to symbolise the defeat of the demon Holika.

7. Ramnavami: This is Lord Rama's birthday, which is celebrated with great devotion and ceremony. Processions are held, and special prayers are held in temples.

8. Navratri: This is a nine-day festival commemorating the nine avatars of Lady Durga. During this period, people participate in a variety of rites and celebrations.

9. Buddha Poornima: This festival commemorates Lord Buddha's birth and is marked by great regard and devotion. Participants participate in processions and prayers to honour the great instructor.

10. Mahavir Jayanti: This honours the birth of Lord Mahavir and is celebrated with immense devotion and delight. During this period, people participate in a variety of ceremonies and activities.

These are some of the most important festivals observed in India throughout the month of March, and they are sure to bring joy, happiness, and wealth. So, make the most of the month by attending these fantastic festivals that bring the country together!


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