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In India, December is an unique month since it represents the start of the festive season. Many sections of the country come alive with unique and vivid festivals, from North India to the South, East to the West. Here is a list of the top ten December festivals in India.

1. Christmas: Christmas is one of the most prominent festivals in India, and it is widely celebrated. People give gifts, decorate Christmas trees, and attend church services throughout the holiday season. Christmas melodies and decorations can also be found around the country.

2. Goa Carnival: The annual Goa Carnival is a three-day celebration held in Panaji, Goa's capital. It is a lively festival that includes music, dance, parades, floats, and fireworks.

3. Bihu Festival: Bihu is Assam's traditional harvest festival, and it is celebrated with zeal and zeal. They exchange gifts, cook traditional dishes, and dance folk dances.

4. Pushkar Fair: The Pushkar Fair is an annual camel and cattle fair held in the Rajasthan town of Pushkar. Camel races, traditional music and dance performances, and colourful stalls make it a lively occasion.

5. Kumbh Mela: Every 12 years, Allahabad hosts one of the world's greatest religious gatherings, the Kumbh Mela. Millions of worshippers flock to the hallowed Ganges River to take a spiritual bath.

6. Lohri: Lohri is a harvest celebration famous in Punjab. Folks gather around bonfires to give gifts, sing and dance, and eat delicious traditional food.

7. Dussehra: Dussehra is celebrated throughout India, but especially at Mysore, where the famed Mysore Palace is illuminated with thousands of lights. They often put on performances and reenact Lord Rama's conquest over the demon king Ravana.

8. Konark Dance Festival: The Konark Dance Festival is a five-day classical dance festival that takes place in Konark, Orissa. It features the best classical dance forms from across the country.

9. Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti: Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti is a Sikh festival that commemorates the tenth Sikh Guru's birthday. Processions, pyrotechnics, and kirtans at temples mark the occasion.

10. Bikaner Camel Festival: The Bikaner Camel Festival is an annual three-day festival held in Bikaner, Rajasthan. It celebrates the state's desert culture with colourful parades, camel racing, and folk entertainment.

These are only a few of the December festivities in India. Each event is distinct, with its own allure and significance. So make plans to attend some of these fantastic festivals this December.


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