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 What is Pongal?

Pongal is a traditional South Indian festival that takes place in January every year. It is celebrated in the state of Tamil Nadu, as well as parts of Sri Lanka and Malaysia. Pongal is an important harvest festival that marks the end of the winter solstice and the beginning of the sun’s return.

The festival is celebrated over four days, with the first day marking the beginning of the harvest season. On this day, people wake up early and draw colorful kolams (rangoli designs) on the floor. For day of Pongal is called Bhogi Pongal. On this day, people clean and decorate their houses and make offerings to Lord Indra, the God of rain.

On the second day, people prepare dishes of rice and lentils, which are then offered to the Sun God as a symbol of gratitude. This dish is called ‘Pongal’ and is a symbol of prosperity and abundance. On this day, people offer prayers to the Sun God and make special dishes like Pongal and Venn Pongal. They then offer special prayers to the Sun God, thanking him for the bountiful harvest.

On the third day of Pongal is called Mattu Pongal and is devoted to cows. Cows are worshipped on this day and special dishes are made for them. 

The fourth day of Pongal is called Kaanum Pongal and is celebrated by the entire family. People visit their relatives and friends and exchange gifts. Celebrating the bond between brothers and sisters.

Pongal is an auspicious time for Hindus, since it is believed that the Sun God will bring good luck and prosperity during this time. People also visit temples and take part in prayers and rituals.

Pongal is a time for families to get together and celebrate the harvest season. It is also a time to give thanks for the blessings of the previous year and to celebrate the start of a new year. Pongal is a festival that brings joy and happiness to all.

How to celebrate Pongal 

Pongal is an important Hindu festival celebrated in India and Sri Lanka. It marks the start of the harvest season and is celebrated by offering thanks to the Sun God for the abundant harvest. This four-day festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy.

If you’re looking to celebrate Pongal in style, here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Decorate your home: Decorating your home is a great way to set the festive mood. Use traditional decorations such as kolams (rangoli designs), colorful flowers, and lights. You can also use some modern decorations to make your home look more festive.

2. Prepare festive food: Pongal is celebrated with a variety of traditional dishes. From sweet pongal to savory vadas and sambar, there are plenty of dishes to choose from. You can also use some modern twists to make your dishes more interesting.

3. Participate in traditional activities: Pongal is a great time to take part in traditional activities. You can take part in the kolam competitions, go out on a bullock cart ride, or participate in the bull taming contests.

4. Gather with friends and family: Pongal is a time for gathering with family and friends. Visit each other’s homes and celebrate this special occasion with a meal together. This is also a great time to exchange gifts and make Pongal wishes.

5. Watch Pongal celebrations: If you’re looking for a more relaxed way to celebrate Pongal, simply sit back and watch the celebrations. There are plenty of videos and live streams available online, so you can easily enjoy the festivities from the comfort of your own home.

Pongal  traditional activities

During Pongal, people enjoy traditional activities including feasting, praying, and decorating the house. 

The first day of the festival is celebrated as Bhogi Pongal. On this day, people discard their old belongings and light a bonfire to celebrate the end of the harvest season. People also decorate the house with kolams, which are colourful designs made with rice flour.

The second day is known as Surya Pongal. On this day, people pray to the sun god and offer thanks for the bounty of the harvest season. They start their day by preparing a special dish called Pongal, which is made from rice, jaggery, and ghee. Other traditional dishes are also prepared and feasted upon.

The third day is known as Mattu Pongal and is dedicated to cows, bulls, and oxen. People decorate the horns of the cattle with colourful beads and offer them thanks for their help in the harvest season. 

The fourth day is Kaanum Pongal. On this day, people visit relatives and friends and exchange gifts. They also enjoy traditional sports including tug of war, Cow racing, Danceing and kabaddi. 

Overall, Pongal is a festive time of feasting, praying, and celebrating the end of the harvest season. People enjoy traditional activities and spend quality time with their loved ones. It is a great opportunity to get together and enjoy the bounty of the harvest season.


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