Chitharal Rock Jain Temple Sitharal Malai kovil Attractions - 2024

The Chitharal Jain Monuments; also known as Chitharal Malai Kovil, Chitharal Cave Temple or Bhagwati Temple, Chitral; is situated on the Thiruchanattu Malai near Chitharal village, Kanyakumari district, Tamil Nadu, India. Chitharal hills are locally known as Chokkanthoongi Hills

There are two monuments. The earlier rock-cut Jain structure of beads with inscriptions and drip-ledges is the earliest Jain monument in the southernmost part of India which was from first century BC to sixth century AD

The monuments are reached by roughly hewn steps in rocks and the narrow entrance between them. On the top of the hill, there in a cave temple with mandapa, a varandah corridor and a balipeetham with a kitchen (madappalli) which is carved into a natural overhanging rock facing the west. It has three sanctums which house the Tirthankara (possibly Mahavira) in middle, the goddess in the right and Parshwanatha on the left.  There is another temple-like structure (Vimana) on the top of the hill which is reached by climbing a few steps. There is a natural pond few steps downwards

Pick early morning or evening and you will enjoy this place. The place is very calm and quiet and can enjoy trekking towards the top of the rock where Temple resides. Almost 1km walking up to the hill. Always keep water bottles as you will be tired when you reach there and no drinking water available at the top. Best to avoid visit at noon time. It's been said that there are many tunnels in the temple connecting other places.

Such a peaceful atmosphere and the sculptures scarved here beautiful. Under the huge rock, it is slightly cold even it is hot above the rock. The top of the temple is such beautiful art. There is a pool right in front of the temple. 

It is opened till 5 pm. Weekdays there is no crowd. Nice place to hang out with friends and family. Remains of Rock-cut Jain temple and rock carvings along with beautiful natural scenery makes it a nice place to visit.


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