Manimutharu Water Falls Tirunelveli

 Tirunelveli is a traditional temple city (150 km south of Madurai-South India) surrounded by many Waterfalls spots, ideal for SINGLE-DAY outing. Manimutharu Water Falls is one of the amazing waterfalls.

Manimutharu Water Falls is Located 50 KMs from Tirunelveli city. Nearby kallidaikurichi. From there about 7 kilometers and located nearly 5 kms from Manimutharu Dam. You can enjoy the small falls there. But still, it's amazing to have a bath. Other side of bridge mini-falls which is overflowing the water of the big falls. And there is the river also. In the falls you are not allowed to use oil, Soap, shampoo those things. It's fully natural mountain water.

An excellent place to spend a day. This waterfall is located inside a pristine forest, filled with monkeys and greenery. No restaurant is located nearby this falls but snacks and water can be brought from a nearby store. Also beside the falls is a small shack where women can change clothes in privacy. This spot comes under the Forest Departments supervision and has a time schedule for entry-exit. Always make sure you vehicle windows are closed and locked monkeys may try to take something.

Superb falls we need to reach this falls after crossing a forest check post near the entrance we want to get permission from forest department and after that only we need to enter the falls road actually this road going to Manjolai village permission restricted to go to this village.

Part of the same ghat section, this place doesn't get as many visitors as its famous counterpart Coutrallam. But the bathing experience is similar and more fun than at Coutrallam owing to less crowd. The less crowd is due to the location of the place. This needs an entry permit (paid on arrival), and there is a one-way path to the falls from the gate (a distance of ~5KM). But it's worth the time spent in travel as you can bathe to heart's content

FOOD: There are some small shops/vendors but it is advisable to carry food.

Don't miss to see the Manjolai tea gardens, quaint little village Nallamuku, Kuthiravetti area. The Kodayar Dam journey is exquisite  


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