Mathur Aqueduct Kanyakumari

 Mathur Aqueduct or Mathoor Hanging Trough, is an aqueduct in southern India, in the Kalkulam taluk of Kanyakumari District of Tamil Nadu state. Built over the Pahrali River (also called Parazhiyar), it takes its name from Mathoor, a hamlet near the aqueduct, which is about 3 kilometers from Thiruvattar town and about 60 km from Kanyakumari, the southernmost town of India.

Mathur Aqueduct is about 60 km from the popular tourist town of Kanyakumari and about 60 km from the city of Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala state. 

It's a nice place to visit with family and friends. And it opens Morning 6 AM to evening 7 PM All days and Monsoon is the best time to visit. It is one of the longest and highest aqueducts in South Asia[citation needed] and is a popular tourist spot in Kanyakumari District.

It's a historic place and The morning view from this bridge is remarkable. We can take a bath in pure water below the canal and can take superb photos covering natural beauty. We can also walk through the bridge in the allotted space. It is locally known as the hanging bridge and the view from the bridge is really beautiful.  Such a breathtaking structure built in the 60s for irrigation purposes. With a height from the bridge, you can experience a wonderful scenery of lush forest and river on both sides. When you get down on the other side of the bridge, you can even take a small dip in the river during seasons, since the water is clean too. it will be a wonderful experience to witness the river, the trees surrounding it and also the magnificent bridge

The monsoon vistas are spectacular with vibrant green popping all over against the contrast of the muddy river flowing underneath. The place makes for very good photo ops. Also, there are fruit vendors in the vicinity (pineapples, jackfruits). Don't miss the pineapples slice Very sweet and soft.  It is grown there.

Two villages separated by a large ditch, In order to transport water from one village to another, this aqueduct was constructed during the reign of former CM Mr. Kamarajar. The engineers really didn't think building such a bridge would ever be possible. But Mr. Kamarajar was so confident that this would work. And voila, the aqueduct was constructed successfully. 


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